TBM Products by Condat

d & t sg together with Condat Lubricants and Wilhelm, supply comprhensive range of TBM related products ranging from various type of TBM lubricants and greases, soil conditioner for EPB excavation, anti-dust and wear for the cutter head to stabiliser for backfill grout, just to name a few.  With more than 15 years of experience in the field of tunneling, Condat has taken an active role in this evolution and has developed specific products adapted to ground, machine and environment requirements.  Coupled with enormous technical and after sales support courtesy of d & t sg and Wilhelm, Condat is determine to set the benchmark for the tunneling industry for a foreseeable future.

HTS cutters by Herrenknecht

Wearing of cutting tools in underground project, if not monitored and controlled properly, can cause detrimental effects even to a well planned underground project.  D & T SG is well positioned to provide the long awaited support in this area by teaming up with Herrenknecht in supporting the tunnelers with the highest quality of cutting tools and hard facing services.  Being a cutter face total solution provider in the underground industry,  d & t is your reliable partner in optimizing the peformance of the cutters tools management, from consultation, design, procurement to site operations.

Firefighting System by AQUASYS

AQUASYS offers you this responsibility on all levels  :  From the beginning with our technicians, who develop superior solutions to individual needs, to our absolute identification with your project.
However, the starting point for this particular capability is your commitment to modern fire protection.  Only through this we can form our mutual responsibility3 - as basic prerequisite for a higher level of safety.

Rock Drilling Tools by Rockmore International

As a global manufacturer of drill bits, rods and accessories, Rockmore tools serve mining, construction, tunneling and quarrying projects from Asia to North America, and from the Alps to the Andes.  Rockmore's 50 years of renowned quality and responsive customers service will help boost your productivity, and provide you with cost-effective rock drilling solutions.

Conveyor Belt System by Marti Technics Ltd

Design, planning and performance of the entire conveyor belt system including conveyor tunnel, civil engineering works, electrical installation and visualised plant controls.
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