Transrapid TR09 / Munich

design & technik ag develops on behalf of ThysenKrupp Transrapid
Interior engineering
System integration
Accoustic-optimized double floor
Routing of air flow
Year  -  2006
Manufacturer  -  TyssenKrupp Transrapid GmbH


Transrapid TR-Shanghai

design & technik ag develops on behalf of Alcan Alesa Engineering AG
Interior engineering
System integration
Assembly support
Operated by Shanghai Maglev Transportation Development Co,.Ltd.
Year  -  2002
Manufacturer  -  Siemens
                ThyssenKrupp Transrapid GmbH
                Shanghai Maglev Transportation

Regional train FLIRT

Platform concept for low floor regional trains
design & technik development shove  :
Design of the aluminium lightweigth bodyshell
System integration of equipment room and driver`s cab
Assembly support
Year  -  2003
Manufacturer  -  Stadler Rail AG

Low Floor Rail Bus GTW

Self-supporting aluminium box
Bottom as welded structure, side panels screwed, roof panel glued bounded
design & technik development shove
Construction of vehicle body
Construction and system integration of driver`s cab interior
Operated by MThB, ZSR, New Jersey, Greece.
Year  -  1995
Manufacturer  -  Stadler Fahrzeuge (CH-Bussnang)

GTW driver`s cab

Development of the complete driver`s cab
Year  -  2004
Manufacturer  -  Stadler AG, Schweiz

Rear view mirror for trains

Complete component development of a rear view mirror from the draft to prototype production
Year  -  2004
Manufacturer  -  Stadler AG, Schweiz

SBB - ICN tilting train

Project management for Schindler Technik
Construction of interior of the dining car
Assembly support for driver`s cab and dining car
Operated by SBB (Schweizer Bundesbahnen)
Year  -  1999
Manufacturer  -  ADtranz Switzerland (Schindler Waggon AG)

Low floor coach for handicapped

Complete redesign of bodyshell, interiors and sub-systems
Year  -  1996
Manufacturer  -  Schindler Technik AG ADtranz Switzerland

Driver`s cab for Vossloh freight train

Completely self-supporting, pre-assembled air-conditioned driver`s cab on behalf of Schindler Technik
Development, construction and assembly support
Operated by EUROTRAC
Year  -  2000
Manufacturer  -  Vossloh Schienenfahrzeugtechnik GmbH, D-Kiel

Electrical drive to sliding door for operating room

Optimisation of an electrical door-drive for OP.
Year  -  2004
Manufacturer  -  DORMA Schweiz AG

Plastic side-cover for motor-bikes

FEM Analysis, Construction up to the series production of the injection molded parts

UV-Jet Head VR 350 Power Jet

UV jet head for rapid drying for several printing methods such as screen printing, flexographic printing, offset printing.
Year  -  2004
Manufacturer  -  UV-Top Gmbh, Schwei
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